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SEASON: Spring 1998

HEAD COACH: Mr. Ned Gallagher (9th year)

CO-CAPTAINS: Sean C. Kellman '98 and JohnC. Meadow '98

Final record: 8 wins, 5losses (7-1 in Founders League)
1998 Founders League Champions

3-8-98 through 3-15-98 Spring Break Trip Indian Wells, CA Team members trained at the Grand Champions Resort during the week of the Newsweek Champions Cup and State Farm Evert Cup professional tournaments.
4-5-98 Kingswood-Oxford Invitational Tennis Tournament West Hartford, CT 9:00 Choate finished 5th of 8 teams.
4-6-98 9:00
4-8-98 Loomis Chaffee School CRH 2:30 5 3
WALLINGFORD, CT--Choate took the top three singles matches and the top two doubles matches to defeat Loomis in its season opener, 5-3. "Today's win wasn't pretty. It's fairly unusual for the Choate varsity team to win the top three singles positions and lose the bottom three; in fact, I'd be surprised if it's ever happened in the years I've been here," coach Ned Gallagher said. "I think our mixed results in the singles can be partially explained by nerves on the part of some first-time varsity players. We did play well in the doubles for the most part, though, which is encouraging." Gallagher added, "we'll have at least a few tough fights ahead of us this spring if we are to defend our 1997 Founders League title."
4-13-98 Westminster School Simsbury, CT 4:00 7 2
SIMSBURY, CT--The Wild Boars posted their second consecutive League victory with a 7-2 decision over Westminster on clay courts. "The guys played a gritty match," according to coach Ned Gallagher. "In fact, the contest was closer than the score suggests. It was nice to see players tough out some three-set singles wins at #1 and #6 to seal the victory in the singles portion of the match." Charles Pasarell '99 saved five match points before winning the tiebreaker in the final set by a 12-10 margin to put the team up 4-1, and then co-captain Sean Kellman closed out his opponent in the third to clinch the win.
4-15-98 Northfield Mount Hermon School Northfield, MA 3:30 3 6
NORTHFIELD, MA--Choate dropped its first decision of the year, a 3-6 upset by Northfield. "Even in years we have had undefeated teams, we never seem to play well up at Mt. Hermon," coach Ned Gallagher said. "Today was no different." The illnesses of both Brian Holland and John Meadow clearly hurt the team, as it forced Choate to move its players up the singles ladder and have them all play doubles out of position and/or with different partners. All three doubles matches were won by NMH. In singles play, #1 and co-captain Sean Kellman '98, #3 Justin Karush '99, and #5 Charles Pasarelli '99 all garnished victories. "A bizarre match format imposed on us by NMH really didn't help matters in the singles, either," Gallagher added. "We should have clinched the match in the singles, but I was quite disappointed by our utter collapse in the doubles, even given the strange circumstances surrounding this match."
4-18-98 Horace Mann School CRH 1:45 6 9
WALLINGFORD, CT--A solid Horace Mann squad nipped the Choate boys tennis team on Saturday, 9-6. Choate winners in the singles included Brian Holland '99, Charles Pasarell '99, Doug Chang '99, and Stephen Fair '00. On the doubles front, the #1 team of Justin Karush '99/Sean Kellman '98 and the #4 team of Aaron Grant '98/Steve Orthwein '98 earned points for the Wild Boars. "Horace Mann fielded a strong and deep squad, and even though we lost as a team, I was pleased with the quality of play a few individuals put forth today," coach Ned Gallagher said. "Brian Holland's gritty three-set win at #2 singles was a high point of the match."
4-22-98 Trinity-Pawling School Pawling, NY 3:00 8 1
PAWLING, NY--Choate improved to 3-2 overall and remained unblemished in Founders League play with an 8-1 win over Trinity-Pawling. "The T-P match is usually the least challenging league match on our schedule, and it was nice to dispatch the other team fairly quickly and get back to our winning ways after taking some lumps last week," coach Ned Gallagher said. "Even though #3 player Josef Powell missed today's match due to illness, the Wild Boars were just too strong for their opponents in the singles competition." Choate winners included co-captain Sean Kellman '98, Brian Holland '99, Justin Karush '99, co-captain John Meadow '98, and Charles Pasarell '99. The doubles pairings of Holland/Karush, Kellman/Pasarell, and Aaron Grant '98/Meadow all posted victories as well.
4-29-98 Brunswick School Greenwich, CT 4:00 4 1
GREENWICH, CT--Josef Powell '98, Justin Karush '99, and Charles Pasarell '99 posted wins in singles play to secure an insurmountable 4-0 Wild Boars lead over Brunswick School. Since the match was contested in the 7-point intercollegiate format, the doubles matches were played first as pro-sets and were collectively worth one point. The Choate pairs of Sean Kellman/Charles Pasarell and John Meadow/JosefPowell enjoyed one-sided wins, establishing critical momentum for the Blue and Gold heading into the singles. Once the team result was clear, the remaining singles matches were abandoned, except at #1, where Brunswick's George Turner closed out Choate co-captain Sean Kellman '98 in straight sets. "Beating the Brunswick boys was especially satisfying since they handed us one of our two losses in 1997. We outclassed the Bruins at most positions this year," coach Ned Gallagher said. "Dominating the doubles matches--even the one we barely lost--seemed to set the tone for the afternoon, and our players put together some effective tennis to clinch the win."
5-2-98 Deerfield Academy Deerfield, MA 2:45 3 6
DEERFIELD, MA--Sean Kellman '98, Josef Powell '98, and Charles Pasarell '99 all won singles matches, but Choate could not snag a win in the doubles as Deerfield won 6-3. "Today's loss was frustrating. I thought we'd do slightly better in the singles portion of the match, but I never anticipated losing all three doubles contests. That said, the Deerfield boys played well in front of a lively Parents Weekend crowd," coach Ned Gallagher said. "Hopefully, this loss will keep us hungry heading into a couple of critical league contests next week." The Wild Boars drop to 4-3 overall (3-0 in the Founders League).
5-6-98 Kent School Kent, CT 3:15 6 2
KENT, CT--#1 Sean Kellman '98, #3 Josef Powell '98, #4 Justin Karush '99, #5 Charles Pasarell '99 and #6 John Meadow '98 all won their respective singles matches to clinch the victory for Choate in the singles, while the #1 doubles pairing of Holland/Karush picked up the other victory as Choate cruised past Kent, 6-2. "We've successfully gotten through half the Founders League at this point, and we are aiming to play well in our next two League matches--against Kingswood-Oxford and Hotchkiss--in the next week before heading into the New England tournament," coach Ned Gallagher said. "We'll also face a tough Andover team this Saturday." The Wild Boars improve to 5-3 overall (4-0 in the Founders League).
5-9-98 Phillips Academy CRH 3:00 1 4
WALLINGFORD, CT--The top two doubles pairings of Brian Holland/Justin Karush and Sean Kellman/Charles Pasarell won their matches, but Choate fell short in the singles portion of the match, losing to Andover 4-1. "This was a close tilt all the way through. Playing the intercollegiate format meant that the Wild Boars were able to establish momentum early on by winning two of the three doubles and earning the crucial doubles point," coach Ned Gallagher said. "I was very pleased with the performance of all three Choate teams. In singles play, we just wound up on the wrong end of some close contests, as the individual match scores indicate. I thought playing on the tartan surface indoors ironically helped our opponents more than it helped us. Andover has a fine team, though, and the match was well contested by both squads."
5-13-98 Hotchkiss School Lakeville, CT 4:00 2 4
LAKEVILLE, CT--Choate dropped its first League match of the 1998 campaign to Hotchkiss in a hotly contested match. The Bearcats snared the critical doubles point by posting wins at #1 and #3 by razor-thin margins. Although Josef Powell at #3 and Justin Karush at #4 won their singles matches and Sean Kellman reached match points in his abandoned #1 bout, Hotchkiss clinched the victory with wins at #2, #5, and #6 singles. The loss makes the upcoming Choate/Kingswood-Oxford contest all the more critical, since the Wyverns remain the sole unbeaten team in the League; a Wild Boar victory next week would keep Choate in the running for at least a share of the title.
5-16-98 New England Prep School Invitational Tennis Tournament Andover, MA 9:00 Choate finished 10th of 16 teams.
5-17-98 Choate Alumni CRH 9:30 Singles and doubles matches with Choate Tennis veterans.
WALLINGFORD, CT--Members of the boys' team mixed it up with a talented group of alums, as well as with Choate parents and a couple of coaches past and present, in informal competition. The featured exhibition match included two former nationally #1-ranked players: Charlie Pasarell (father of Charles '99) teamed with fellow Puerto Rican Tico Carrero (Choate '66) in doubles to teach the Choate youngsters a thing or two. During his four years as the school's top player, Tico reached the #1 ranking in the boys' 16s division and Charlie achieved the overall top U.S. ranking while playing on the world class circuit and the Davis Cup team. Among the other highlights of the day were visits by former boys' team coaches John Foster (1966-69) and Ben Foster (1971-1989).
5-18-98 Kingswood-Oxford School CRH 4:00 5 4
WALLINGFORD, CT--There seemed to be a bit of magic in the air at the Hunt Tennis Center, as the Choate boys squeaked out a hard-fought 5-4 win against a strong K-O team. The Wyverns won in straight sets at #1 and #6 singles, while the Wild Boars did the same at #3 and #5. The remaining two singles matches were extraordinarily dramatic. Brian Holland '99 saved three match points in the third set, returning serve at 5-3, 40-15, and he stormed back to win 7-5 in the third with some incredible shotmaking. In the #4 tilt, Justin Karush '99 went down a set and 2-5 before assembling an amazing comeback, saving one match point en route to another 7-5 third set victory. Winning four of the six singles meant Choate needed only one of the three doubles matches to ensure victory, and that win came as Doug Chang '99 and Josef Powell '98 downed their #3 doubles opponents by a 6-4, 7-5 margin. The Choate victory put the Wild Boars in control of their own destiny; by beating Kingswood--the last undefeated in the League--Choate can claim at least a share of the League title if it wins its remaining matches against Avon and Taft later this week.
5-20-98 Avon Old Farms School CRH 2:30 6 3
WALLINGFORD, CT--Choate cruised through the #2, #4, #5 and #6 singles matches, as well as the #2 and #3 doubles matches en route to a 6-3 win over Avon Old Farms. The Wild Boars lost only tight battles at the #1 singles and doubles matches, as well as the # 3 singles contest. "We did what we had to do today--most of our matches with the Winged Beavers were one-sided wins and the few that we lost were awfully close," coach Ned Gallagher said. "We're in control of our own destiny heading into our last match of the season. A win over Taft tomorrow will entail the successful defense of our 1997 Founders League title. We'll need to bring all of our resources to bear against the Rhinos, though. We're looking forward to the match." Choate improves to 7-5 overall, 6-1 in the Founders League.
5-21-98 Taft School Watertown, CT 4:00 5 1
WATERTOWN, CT--The Wild Boars saved their best tennis for the final week of the season, when every match was an important step in defending the League title. "We thoroughly dominated Taft below #1 singles in the last match of the spring," reported coach Ned Gallagher. "Having lost a few close matches against traditional rivals earlier in the season, we were hungry to redeem the season by winning a championship, and we managed to step up to the plate when it counted in the League matches." Choate has won four of the last seven League titles, including the last two.
Upshur Moorhead Tournament CRH afternoons All-School Tennis Championships.
5-30-98 Hall of Fame Day Newport, RI 11:00 Choate team event at the Newport Casino.

Junior Varsity Team
Match Results

SEASON: Spring 1998

COACH: Mr. William E. Cobbett

Final record: 7 wins, 1 loss

4-8-98 Loomis Chaffee School CRH 2:30 6 2
4-13-98 Westminster School Simsbury, CT 4:00 7 2
4-17-98 Hamden Hall CRH 3:30 Match cancelled due to inclement weather.
4-29-98 Brunswick School Greenwich, CT 4:15 8 0
5-2-98 Deerfield Academy Deerfield, MA 2:45 Match cancelled due to inclement weather.
5-6-98 Kent School Kent, CT 3:15 7 1
5-8-98 Kingswood-Oxford School West Hartford, CT 4:15 6 2
5-9-98 Phillips Academy CRH 3:00 Match cancelled due to inclement weather.
5-13-98 Hotchkiss School Lakeville, CT 4:00 2 6
5-16-98 Taft School CRH 2:30 9 0
5-20-98 Avon Old Farms School CRH 2:30 9 0

Thirds Team
Match Results

SEASON: Spring 1998

COACH: Mr. David A. Webb

Final record: 7 wins, 1 loss

4-4-98 Hopkins School JV CRH 2:00 6 3
4-8-98 Loomis Chaffee School CRH 2:30 7 2
4-15-98 St. Margaret's-McTernan School CRH 4:00 9 0
4-18-98 Eaglebrook School CRH 3:30 0 9
5-2-98 Cheshire Academy JV CRH 2:00 8 1
5-6-98 Kent School CRH 3:15 Match cancelled due to inclement weather.
5-13-98 Hotchkiss School Lakeville, CT 3:00 7 2
5-16-98 Taft School CRH 2:30 9 0
5-20-98 Westminster School CRH 2:30 7 2

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